West Haven Farms

Grass-Fed Beef 


At West Haven we raise Galloway cattle the natural way without hormones, drugs, animal-by-products, or chemical pesticides.  Our cattle graze grass and forbs in summer from our chemical free pastures and woodlands. In winter they are fed hay from our haylands. No feedlot and no grain!  Our rotational management system allows us to keeps our land and our cattle healthy.  Please contact us to place an order for custom contract raised green-fed and grass-finished beef high in Omega-3's.

Our woodlot generates a continuous supply of aspen firewood.  We are conveniently located only 2 miles north of Hwy #54 for campers heading through Caroline to the west country.  We can also deliver within 45 minutes of Spruce View for your winter supply. Please call to check on current availability.


Fire wood