West Haven Nursery Tree Farm

Landscaping Trees

Our tree farm & nursery has over 80 types of deciduous and coniferous trees for all of your landscaping needs. 

Our products

Nursery grown and harvested to Canadian Standards for Nursery Stock.

Integrated Pest Management and minimal use of pesticide and fertilizer.

Field grown trees that are Zone 2 hardy and able to survive Alberta winters.

Reclamation Trees & Shrubs

We grow many types of trees and shrubs used in reclamation. Contact us for your custom contract growing needs. 

Seedlings for Shelterbelts & Eco-Buffers

Our tree farm & nursery supplies fast growing shelterbelt trees and native shrubs. We have Colorado and White Spruce, fast growing poplars and willows for instant shelterbelts.  We also take contract orders for shelterbelt seedling plugs.

Natural Grass Fed & Finished Beef

Besides our nursery and greenhouse we raise pastured Galloway beef cattle. Visit our website!